I've been waiting to get new headshots for a while now, and luckily Camila asked to help out. She is a great photographer who is very fun to work with. She makes the subject feel comfortable with the camera when she takes pictures.
— Mario Bishop
Working with Camila was one of the best choices I ever could have made, she was incredibly easy to work with and poured her heart and soul into helping me bring my vision for a film to life. She invested much of her own time to ensure that every little detail was perfect as well as gave excellent direction to the people she worked with on set. All of this passion shows in her work and is the reason it feels so electric and exciting. I cannot wait to see what she ends up working on in the future.
— Chris Curotola
I had the best experience working with Camila! She is truly talented in her craft, and also a wonderful human being. Her work is captivating and evokes emotion. She made me feel super comfortable during my shoot with her, and made my overall experience so fun!
— Elena Bou Dargham
Camila is very talented and gives you different choices to work with each shot. She even asked me if I wanted headshots on top of my skateboard photo shoot! The outcome is absolutely worth every second and every hour.
— Lauren Bowser
What sets Camila apart from other visual artists is her perfect combination of enthusiasm, charisma, unique vision, and an understanding of the history of media and the craft of making art. The experience of working with Camila is two-way, in which we are teaching and learning simultaneously. In my experience, I have learned that a great work ethic and a fearless attitude are secret sauces to her creative success.
— Richard Kelly
Great experience working with Camila on this photoshoot! She’s a very talented photographer and filmmaker who brings such a positive energy everywhere she goes. Camila puts so much effort into everything she does, and that dedication reflects in her amazing work! Always a joy seeing what she creates next!
— Austin Michaels