Films are my home.

Turning my story into a universal reality

Creating a home for everyone.

Camila Casas' filmography consists of drama pieces that explore human beings' intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships. Her films challenge the audience to reflect upon themselves and improve their way of facing the world they live in.

Casas works endlessly and passionately to ensure that all her films are meaningful. Her goal is to elicit sincere emotional reactions from the audience. Camila's work ranges from family dramas to experimental reflection films.

see you. [short film]

A daughter attempts to reconnect with her mother but finds herself unable to after a car crash.

ode to art. [short film]

After a stressful conversation, a young woman reconciles herself through art.

blue-less. [PSA short film]

A letter from the ocean to the world.

a piece of cerrina [short film]

A mini-documentary about Cerrina Hagood, a young filmmaker based in the Pittsburgh area.