Camila is a Peruvian filmmaker and photographer.

I pick up my camera to use it as a brush to depict my world

Ever since Camila was a child, she has been immersed in the world of cinema. She used to go to the movie theater to observe what makes a film unique; this is how she developed her artistic vision.

Casas likes taking pictures of fellow artists to highlight their creative essence. What she enjoys the most about capturing another person's soul is discovering what motivates them to create the art they make. Camila also enjoys taking abstract photography to depict human emotions.


What sets Camila apart from other visual artists is her perfect combination of enthusiasm, charisma, unique vision, and an understanding of the history of media and the craft of making art. The experience of working with Camila is two-way, in which we are teaching and learning simultaneously. In my experience, I have learned that a great work ethic and a fearless attitude are secret sauces to her creative success.

Richard Kelly